Perfect Eid Gifts that are Wallet Friendly

We all love festivals, after all, communities come together and celebrate a shared culture or belief. It gives a great break from the monotony of daily life and allows people to relax and enjoy themselves.

 We cannot forget the festive Eid gifts as they are a great way to express love, gratitude, and appreciation for family and friends. However, it’s important to keep in mind the spirit of the occasion and the budget you have for eid gifts. These gifts can vary in a variety of categories like gadgets, clothing, or beauty products.

Ditch the range of the traditional gift and move to a more modern and practical eid gift that can be really of some use. One must take into consideration of the recipient’s interests and preferences while choosing Eid gifts. Moreover, it is always thoughtful to include a personal message or note with the eid gift to make it more special.

Islamic Wall Art Eid Gifts

Islamic Wall Art

Alluring wall art is indeed a great Eid Gift and there are many online storewide that are loaded with tons of options at affordable prices. These include Quranic verses or Islamic calligraphy, or even prints of famous Islamic landmarks.

You can always find beautiful Arabic calligraphy, Quranic verses, or Islamic geometric patterns that come in many different styles and materials. It is sure to be appreciated by anyone who values Islamic art and culture.

There are many online stores that specialize in Islamic wall art, which makes it easy for people to find a variety of designs at different price points. Some of the top choices to buy from are:- West ELM, Noon, Amazon, and more

Ramadan and Eid Decoration Gifts

Ramadan and Eid Decorations

Eid Celebration is not complete without the decoration of your home. This makes a Ramadan & Eid Decoration set of decorations like balloons, banners, and lights can be a great idea.
This Ramadan, give your home a festive touch with a variety of eid gifts such as Lanterns, Banners, Garlands, Tableware, decorative Cushions, and more.
To help you with the best choices and wide variety, there are many online stores that make it easy to purchase these eid gifts from your home. Some of the top online stores are mentioned here:- West ELM, Noon, Amazon, and more!

Gourmet Sweets


Sharing sweets and treats are must during Ramadan month. It is the most common way of sharing the joy of the festival which makes Eid gourmet sweets an essential part of Eid celebrations.
Some of the featured Eid gourmet sweets are Baklava, Halwa, Ma’amoul, Sheer Khurma, Gulab Jamun, and more.
These too are accessible from the comfort of your home as there are many online stores that deliver Gourmet Sweet that same day too. You can find the list below of online stores for decent quality and ratings: Amazon, Noon,Sharaf DG, and more.

Beauty Products


These gifting items never go out of fashion as beauty products are an essential part of gifting for celebrating any occasion. Like, we all love perfumes and it makes it one of the best choices of gifting items that you can gift anyone. Similarly, there are other beauty products too such as Makeup items, Hair Products, Henna, Skin care products, Nail products, and more.
Thankfully there are various online brands that offer huge discounts during this month of Ramadan. The expected offerings can range from 70-90% when purchasing online. If you can concern about quality and originality, these stores are the most loved online stores all around the world. Some of them are mentioned here: Namshi, Ounass, The Body Shop, and more.

Personalized Eid Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Festival gives us an excellent opportunity to exchange Eid gifts from our loved ones and Personalized Eid Gifts is a perfect way to show how much you care and appreciate them.

If you are looking for some cool ideas then you may go for Customized Islamic Artwork, Personalized Jewelry, Customized Eid Cards with a little personal note, Personalized Prayer Rug, or Customized Gift Baskets.

If you are wondering where you can get these personalized gifting items, then there are already many online websites that you doing it for you! You can always go for: AliExpress, Noon, Yoox and more.



Festivals are meant to celebrate with your best dress and look your best in that festive outfit. And since Scarves are an essential part of Muslim attire, they can be a great item to gift on Eid.

Scarves come in a variety of styles and material like Embroidered Scarves, Hijabs, Silk Scarves, Printed Scarves, Cashmere Scarves, or customized scarves.

If you are not picking the right gift items, there are various online brands that help you choosing the right gifts. You can check the recommended selection of scarves from the top online stores like Yoox, Namshi, Ounass and more!

Charity Eid Gifts

Charity Gifts are the best way to spread kindness and generosity, especially during this festive time. It is always thoughtful to give donations to charities or the less fortunate during Eid in addition to exchanging Eid gifts with friends and family.


Overall, Eid gifts are a meaningful way to celebrate and strengthen relationships with loved ones, and to spread joy and goodwill during this important Islamic holiday. People may think that festivals give a burden on your pockets but actually is you want, you can actually save a lot during the festive times.
And a festive season like Ramadan, many people order things online at high discounted prices which is never seen before. Many online stores celebrate these festivals with their customers and offer them heavy discounts and offer that doubles the joy of celebrating a festival.
It is better if you always better to use some simple tricks that you can save a big junk from your shopping cart. Just remember few things and you can good to go shopping this Ramadan:

  • Always add the item to your Wishlist before checkout. This way these online stores want to sell you the products and may offer some exclusive savings for lucky customers.
  • Look for the Flash Sales where some products might be offers with a massive discount that can range from 80-95% OFF. You only need to be at the right place at the right time.
  • Always subscribe to the newsletter from the brands because you might receive some early bird savings which are not yet live for normal users.
  • Always look for Coupon Codes and Discount Codes if you are interested in some additional savings. These codes may work with a single product or all products available storewide.
  • Make app purchases for better deals. As is seen in some cases these online stores want their Mobile App to be downloaded and therefore, they offer some additional perks to mobile app users in the form of exclusive sale, app Promo codes, and more.
  • Night Purchases has always been the best time for many people around the world. Try to get a glance of the offers before your go to bed.
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